How to boot into recovery in One ui 3 & above without a pc and root access

After the latest OneUI update, Samsung does not allow booting into recovery without connecting your phone to a PC with a USB cable. Here's a solution
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How to reboot to recovery

All Android phones ship with a mode called recovery mode that, although built for helping you recover your device when things go wrong, also helps you tweak a number of options on the phone. You can also use the recovery mode if there’s an issue with your system and you think your device could use some help.

Regardless of how you want to use the mode, here’s The steps mentioned can be applied to boot into both the stock recovery as well as a custom recovery if you have one installed.

Reboot Your Device Into Recovery Mode

There are multiple ways to reboot an Android device into recovery mode. But after the latest OneUI 3.0 update, Samsung does not allow booting into recovery without connecting your phone to a PC with a USB-C cable. Here's a solution to easily reboot to recovery. 

XDA Thread : Click here

Reboot to recovery without key combinations, root access and without connecting your phone to Laptop/Pc.

  1. Download & Install LADB - Local ADB shell from playstore or download it directly from here.
  2. Open Settings > About Phone and tap on the “Build number” field 7 times. This will enable “Developer Options.”
  3. Go to Settings > System > Developer Options and enable “USB debugging” and “Wireless debugging.”
  4. Open the LADB app. It will show a “Pairing information” dialog.
  5. Open the recent apps screen. Press and hold on the app’s icon and tap “Split Screen” to open LADB in split-screen multitasking view.
  6. On the bottom half, open Settings. Go to System > Developer Options > Wireless debugging. Tap on “Pair device with pairing code.” You’ll see a “Pair with device” dialog pop-up.
  7. Copy the 6 digit “Wi-Fi pairing code” and paste it into the “pairing code” box in LADB. Copy the 5 digit port number from the IP address (the 5 numbers after the colon) and paste it into the “Port” box in LADB.
  8. Hit “OKAY” in LADB and you should hopefully see text that says "Hello World”
  9. Enter "reboot recovery"
  10. And done now your phone will automatically reboot to recovery.

If you want to enter TWRP - Press and hold Volume Up key once the device turns on, keep pressing Volume Up key until TWRP Recovery Mode Appears.

Thanks to the developer of LADB.
You can even try out different adb commands like debloating system apps, allow permissions to apps like macdriod, system ui turner, etc and many more other adb commons without root and without a pc.

Reboot Using an App (root required) 

If you have access to the root on your device, you can use an app from the Google Play Store and get into the recovery mode in a single tap.

Download and install the Quick Reboot app on your device. Open the app, grant the required permissions, and tap on Reboot Recovery.

Reboot using Key combinations

  1. Connect your device with PC/Laptop. 
  2. Power off
  3. Press and hold Volume Up + Power key, when Samsung Logo appears release Power key only, keep pressing Volume Up key until TWRP Recovery Mode Appears.


In this post I have talked about different ways to reboot to recovery. Tell us What You Say About The Post by commenting and if you have any questions then comment below or contact me on Contact Us page. Hope You Enjoy in Our Website.

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