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Welcome to Razs Originals!
Your number one source for Custom roms, android rooting and many more.. I've dedicated to providing you the best content, on Blogging, Custom roms, android rooting and many more helpful hacks.

I started my first blog in October 2020, at the age of 15. Ever since my middle school days, I was very interested in programming. I started tinkering on Android since I was 14. I am truly grateful to our android community on telegram and especially on XDA.

As a beginner, I obviously faced a lot of problems while rooting up my Galaxy device, tweaking and customizing it. That time I didn’t find many helpful guides on the web that provided the solutions to the problems I was facing. There were many sites providing “Ultimate guides to root and install a custom rom” but there were very few which actually dealt with the small problems and challenges that beginners have to face.

I spent hours researching about android development. A month or two later, I made this site, equipped with some knowledge of Custom Roms. I wrote only three articles on the start before giving a break to blogging due to my upcoming exams at that time. Although I made $0 from the site, I was very happy to see my articles rank on the first page of Google, and gain some organic traffic.

Thus, I started this website, Razs Originals! with the vision to make the ride smoother for the folks new to android development in general.

I love blogging alongside Programming, also I'm very interested in learning software engineering, machine learning, and data science in the future. I’m also looking to collaborate on Opensource Projects.

Razs Originals! is still far from being the perfect site, but I work hard making it better each and every day. I want to make it a favourite destination for tech and internet enthusiasts who have a passion for learning.

Although I get very less time to work on my projects nowadays as I spend much of my time on my studies, it makes me extremely happy whenever I receive comments and e-mails from people related to my work.
If you like my website, do send your thoughts to me. It encourages me a lot! You can contact me here.

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