Razs OS V1 A50s port | Best custom rom for M30s

Razs OS is a Custom ROM for Galaxy M30s based on Galaxy A50s firmware and developed by Raza Sayyed. This is a full ONEUI port. Feel the Smoothness.
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Here I am with my first ROM for M30s! 
Razs OS is a Custom ROM for Galaxy M30s based on Galaxy A50s firmware and developed by Raza Sayyed. This is a full ONEUI port. I have also included pretty much Tweaks for better performance.


  • - Based on latest A50s R firmware
  • - Fully Deknoxed
  • - Optimized Build.prop/floatingfeature
  • - Enabled High Performance Mode
  • - Enabled Dolby Atmos without Headsets
  • - Dolby Atmos enabled in game
  • - Multiwindow tray
  • - Enabled Zygote preforking
  • - Added Network related tweaks
  • - Good lock support
  • - Flagship Edge lightning
  • - Native samsung screen recording
  • - QuickShare
  • - Roundy UI
  • - Disabled Samsung ads
  • - Enabled Flagship animations 
  • - Increased performance 
  • - Enabled vulkan
  • - Heavy Debloated
  • - Added custom preloaded wallpaper
  • - And many more...


  • None so far

Download and Terms

  1. Your phone must be Installed Custom Recovery for Android 11.
  2. Download Razs OS V1 A50s OneUI 3.1 Port For M30s .zip
  3. Copy rom to sd card or pendrive

Install Razs OS on Samsung Galaxy M30s

  1. Enter TWRP Recovery Mode. 
  2. Select Wipe – Advanced ( Dalvik, Cache, data, System, vendor and product ) Swipe to wipe.
  3. Select Install – select Razs OS V1 A50s OneUI 3.1 Port For M30s .zip, Swipe to confirm Flash.
  4. Select Install – select Prish Vendor V5.zip, Swipe to confirm Flash.
  5. Select Install – select Disable_Dm-Verity_ForceEncrypt.Zip, swipe to confirm Flash. 
  6. Select Reboot – System/recovery.
  7. Setup the Phone.


  • @Ivan2005
  • @neel0210
  • @Deep1k
  • @Avangers3000
  • @smexynos7870
  • @el0xren
  • And all other Developers who helped me

Notes / Warning!

  1. Use at your own risk, I’m not responsible for bricking your device.
  2. Using the incorrect file may brick your device.
  3. Make sure to backup your important data.
  4. there might be some bugs that me and testers could not have found yet, so please report them.


In this post I have talked about Razs OS V1. Tell us What You Say About The Rom by commenting and if you have any questions then contact me at telegram. Hope You Enjoy in my Website.


Razs OS Razs OS Razs OS Razs OS Razs OS Razs OS Razs OS Razs OS Razs OS Razs OS

Performance Glimps:

Razs OS V1 Prish vendor V5 Disable DM-Verity Encrypt

If facing any error while downloading the files, message me on telegram for the rom file.

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  1. Amazing rom bro
  2. Really amazing rom, very smooth ui with 0 lags.
  3. Good job bro. When V2 coming?
    1. Almost done will post it after complete testing.

      Thank you!
  4. Amazing work, Thanks for the rom
  5. does it work for samsung a50s?
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