Custom splash screen for Galaxy A12 | Remove bootloader warning

Have you recently unlock your bootloader on your Samsung Galaxy A12 (SM-A125F) and want to remove Warning Bootloader Unlock message that comes every..
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Remove Bootloader warning for Galaxy A12

Bootloader warning ⚠

Have you recently unlock your bootloader of you Samsung Galaxy A12 and want to remove Warning Bootloader Unlock message that comes every time when your device is starting up? Then not worry this article is for you. This tutorial gives you the detail view of How to remove Warning Bootloader Unlocked message from your andriod devices.

XDA Thread : Click here

Steps to follow to fix Bootloader Unlocked Warning issue 

  1. Download the Param file and move it to download folder (internal storage) 
  2. Download terminal (you can use termux)
  3. Start terminal and gain root access using "su" 
  4. Type / copy this command into the terminal -

dd if=/storage/emulated/0/Download/up_param.tar of=/dev/block/platform/13520000.ufs/by-name/up_param
  • Now simply reboot to recovery or system. 
  • Mission Accomplished. 

This Method will work for every Samsung devices, you just need to edit the Up_Param.tar file of your device.


In this post I have talked about How to remove bootloader warning. Tell us What You Say About The Post by commenting and if you have any questions then comment below or contact me on Contact Us page. Hope You Enjoy in Our Website.

If you want a customized name on boot or Param file for a different device comment below or message me on telegram.

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  1. My termux command isn't working
  2. If the termux command failed use a Root explorer and copy the file to /dev/block/by-name/ and It works
  3. Sorry it's /dev/block/platform/by-name/
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